Audience Polling

ILTACON Speakers - Would you be interested in our easy-to-use Audience Polling (survey) tool at your session?

To get a brief overview, the vendor who provides this tool (Conferences IO) has two short videos (2 minutes/each) on the Social Q&A feature and the Polling feature. Pay special attention to the Polling video. To see a sample poll, click this link using your computer or any mobile device (feel free to respond and try it out!).

New This Year!

If you’ve used this tool in the past, one previous frustration is that you had to switch from PowerPoint to the browser to show poll results to the audience. And once done showing results, you would switch back to PowerPoint. New this year is a special PowerPoint add-in that’s now available. So if you are using PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013 for Windows, you can now insert an extra slide to show poll results without having to toggle between PowerPoint and a web browser. With the new “PowerPoint Add-In”, you can stay in PowerPoint to display poll results! I can send you a sample PPTX file to demonstrate this new feature. (Just ask).

What Should You Do Next?

If you decide that you would like to create some polls for your session, please just reply and let me know the Session Title of your session (click here to see the agenda list). We will then add your session to the Audience Polling tool and send you instructions on how you can add your questions and test it all out.

Please let Clay ( know before August 28.